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Subspace is a "layer" of the universe which is typically conceptualized as existing "underneath" the universe proper, hence the name. Despite the model used, however, this concept is identical to other species' use of the term "hyperspace"; both represent the same thing. It is a section of the universe where time does not exist, where a properly-designed ship can dip into at will and re-emerge at another part of the universe. Because time does not exist there, that behavior of a ship is termed "hyperjumping" as it seems instantaneous to the crew. Also because time does not exist there, maps of subspace are impossible to make, so it is poorly understood even by its early discoverers.


Subspace is expressed primarily through mathematical theory, and those theories are applied or discarded to subspace drives depending on their efficacy. Through this trial and error process, it has been postulated and mostly proven that subspace has "nexuses" or areas of the universe where the hyperjump process is easier than usual. (Interestingly, one such nexus was originally discovered by the Sandibari long before the age of space travel; their fear of a location known as The Symmetrical Tree and its truly anomalous properties were an early indication that space folded uniquely around the location. Very few other nexuses are that easily detectable, however, and those that are tend to be dangerous spatial phenomena such as black holes.)


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