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Subspace Drive


Subspace drives are used to enter subspace, a portion of the universe where time works strangely and allows ships to travel vast distances instantaneously.
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Many craft expected to travel interstellar distances have two subspace drives hooked to each engine. The pair of drives provide the stability and power to enter and leave subspace safely that a singular drive could not manage with current technology.
The subspace drive was first developed in 1032 following the discovery of subspace itself. The first drives were highly unstable and stranded exploratory vessels within subspace or elsewhere in the universe, but the nature of subspace meant that individuals lost to it were later recovered with no sense of time having passed, and often expressed confusion that they had been missed, sometimes for decades. Refinements in the mathematics of the process have increasingly led to more safe returns for missing crew and vastly more safe voyages into interstellar space. (However, the fact that people have been recovered from subspace has spawned its own category of urban legend.)
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