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The holographic technology which marries Stenza teleportation with image projection and creates a solid-looking copy of someone at any indeterminate point in the galaxy is an Althusian invention. The Althusians share this technology with the Stenza for military use as part of The Mudeweian-Althusian Accord (and through fear of violence from the Stenza), but it also saw use during Ilin's Rally of the Twelve Galaxies.   Ilin used holographic technology to interact with participants in his race from a safe distance, including to transport winners off the final world. The final rally showed this capacity remarkably well, confusing the Doctor about whether he was a projection or an "AI interface" (and earning a compliment about his nose hairs), as well as fairly standard interactions with Angstrom and Epzo on Desolation, from giving them instructions and sending them maps to help navigate the planet to the point marked as the "Ghost Monument", to picking them up as they are declared joint victors.


Although it remains unconfirmed, many suspect that high-caste Althusians had holographic technology developed out of Stenza teleportation in order to entertain themselves in many exotic fashions without stepping out of bounds or even leaving their homes. Ilin's use of the technology to aid in managing his Rally of the Twelve Galaxies (and its use by his sister Laya in his absence) is actually novel by comparison, and is thought to be a revolutionary use that more people are angling to pick up.
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Jan 18, 2021 13:20 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Through fear of Stenza violence? Sounds accurate. :D Hologram technology is fascinating.

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Thought I'd step outside the box on this one :D