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He was one of the victors in the final Rally of the Twelve Galaxies, along with Angstrom of Albar. The race was hosted by Ilin and typically only had one victor each run. Epzo is famous for being able to "sleep anywhere", and slightly less so for his enthusiasm for Althusian cigars. His motivations for entering the race seemed primarily to be rooted in personal gain.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When he was four, his mother encouraged him to climb a tree until he couldn't go any higher, and then told him to jump, claiming that she would catch him. She stepped out of the way, causing him to break an arm and an ankle, and stood over him. "Now you've learned," she said. "You can't trust anyone in this life." He alleges it was the best thing she ever did for him.   Now that he is an adult, Epzo decided to run the Rally of the Twelve Galaxies during its final race. He has claimed that his ship, dilapidated from hard use, is "the envy of millions" and that "people have written songs about her". This is a subject of debate, and many Stenza would contend that The Lawgiver is actually more deserving of those titles. However, regardless of her status, he was still unwilling to part with even part of her, but ultimately had to in order to land safely on Desolation and complete the race. At the race's conclusion, and at the Doctor's suggestion, he was able to threaten race-runner Ilin into allowing him to jointly win the race with Angstrom and split the prize with her. Spoilers
This tactic succeeded because Ilin at least suspected that Epzo was affiliated with the Muxteran Freedom Force and therefore had the means and necessary amount of insanity to find him and make good on his threats.

Gender Identity


Morality & Philosophy

He believes that one is better off alone in the universe, and that getting attached, or too attached in some cases, leads to danger.



friend (Important)

Towards Epzo




friend (Important)

Towards Angstrom




The two initially met as contestants in the final Rally of the Twelve Galaxies organized by Ilin. Although they stood against each other almost to the end, they developed a sort of rapport while watching the other contestants drop like flies around them. This did not, however, overcome any feelings of competitiveness between the two of them the closer the high-stakes race got to its concluding leg. (The final push was given by the Doctor and her companions, who stumbled into the Rally completely unawares, looking for the Doctor's ship. The Doctor encouraged them to declare a joint victory as both of them had put their skills together, along with the Doctor and companions, to get out alright.)

Relationship Reasoning

Bonded primarily through shared hardship (the Doctor helped finish things up by encouraging them to claim joint victory after their trials on Desolation)

short, sandy blond
Owned Vehicles
Other Affiliations

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