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Holographic Screens

A holographic screen is a projection, often from a crystal made into a projector (in modern times the projector need not be anywhere near the result; a single-person transport can be summoned onto a planet by pushing a holographic yellow button with no visible source. The source is in fact linked to the rest of the teleportation circuitry needed for the operation).   These sorts of screens have all kinds of uses, from security to personal communication, tactical displays, technical analysis, medical screening, and so on. Anything which requires a display can utilize holographic screens for this purpose, and as such they are ubiquitous in Stenza society and beyond.


Holographic screens have exceptional ubiquity in Stenza society, next to spindles and the practice of keeping trophies of various sizes, and this is assured by their wide range of uses. They have been used for military displays of all kinds, as well as been aids for technicians, security personnel, ranked officers in peacetime, and even the average civilian. Screens are used in personal communication devices, data chips, and even used en masse in starcraft and Orbital Communication Outposts.
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Feb 4, 2021 14:11 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love that the screens are made from crystal. :D

Feb 5, 2021 01:26

Projected by, but yes. Inventing advanced technology is fun :D