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Personal Communication Device

A personal communication device, commonly shortened to comm unit or just comm, is a small crystalline device capable of sending signals through subspace to other, similar devices. Communications can be sent through and monitored by Orbital Communication Outposts stationed at Muxter, but various groups have isolated networks to communicate with one another in private.   Comms can be designed to operate as isolated units, in which case they are lab-grown crystals with ingrained circuitry which are cut so that they can rotate about their equators. This mechanic allows for easily opening lines of communication without the particularities that come with other crystal circuits, such as triggering a sensor in a highly specific position. However, the same circuitry can be integrated into other devices, such as medical gel prosthetics (Ta'zhen's gel arm is a prominent example). Entire panels on Stenza ships are a series of these devices, designed for intra- and inter-ship communication, as well as communication back to Strares.
Item type
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
The principal component of a comm device is a network of circuits that send signals to receivers on similar collections of circuits, as well as receive such signals. This circuitry can be housed in a variety of containers, from crystal to medical gel to panels, either metal or crystal.


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