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Gel Arm

Ta'zhen's gel arm primarily serves to balance the weight of her remaining natural arm and stave off the neurological effects of losing a limb, such as phantom limb syndrome. Because the gel can support internal circuitry of a sort, however, it has been modified to act as a subspace-ansible-powered cell phone, a database on all Stenza knowledge, and perform other functions. As a result, it works like a prosthetic arm with an Apple watch attached to it.   On the other end of the device, the gel produces an annealing substance to attach to a harness anchored in Ta'zhen's scapula which wires the prosthetic into her central nervous system, allowing it to receive commands from the brain.   Because of the medium from which it is constructed, periodically small amounts of gel can be drawn from it in case of medical emergency. The gel can repropagate itself slowly in large amounts but needs the support of an Ice Flats-like medium to take hold somewhere else. The process of taking gel also leads to the great structural weakness of gel prostheses: after enough gel is taken, the limb becomes immobile while it recovers, and its owner must ride out the waiting period.
Item type
Current Holder
Raw materials & Components
Primarily composed of Medical Gel
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