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Ice Flats Substance


Material Characteristics

The substance comprising the Ice Flats looks almost identical to snow or ice, especially to non-natives of Mudewei.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The substance (referred to in the Stenza language as simply the Ice Flats) is a non-Newtonian shear-thickening fluid containing a collection of extremophilic bacteria, nutrients, and seed compounds of information-containing molecules. Stenza scientists cannot perfectly replicate the substance, but they can use specific properties to create Medical Gel and use its nutritive properties to feed pups, either as treats or in medical emergencies.


The substance is prominently used as a base for the long series of medical gels Stenza doctors have devised over the years for a host of purposes. It is also used (some argue as a branch of medical gel) as nutritious (if bland) pup treats.

Geology & Geography

The substance is believed to have bubbled up from the earth at the location of the Ice Flats, though other theories consider a combination of forces that ultimately resulted in the truly unique Mudeweian substance.

Origin & Source

The substance originates (by as yet unknown means) in the crater lake in the north polar region of Mudewei.

History & Usage


The substance predates the Stenza by an unknown amount of time that many think is in the range of a couple million years, at least. It has been known in Stenza oral histories since time immemorial, and it was near the Flats that some of the earliest proto-Stenza remains have been discovered. As such, it has never properly been "discovered", being a prominent, if vaguely empowered, figure in history and mythology (where it was considered a property of, or gift from, Lan'tha). It is currently unknown if it can be transported, replicated fully and effectively, or its properties otherwise reproduced should the Stenza need or want to leave Mudewei.
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