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Medical Doctor



General practitioners and most specialists must study under more experienced doctors for a minimum of eight years, including formal instruction on Stenza anatomy, hands-on experience under their mentor's watchful eye, and extensive study of Medical Gel and its various uses. It is common for apprentices to keep themselves abreast of studies in these fields.   Combat medicine requires additionally that they must undergo Citizenship Trial and serve at least one tour of duty. Furthermore, it is strongly advised (but not formally required), to study under a currently certified combat medic in order to learn skills unique to the situation, such as maintaining a level head and quickly escorting out the wounded without causing further damage.

Payment & Reimbursement

Stenza doctors are fairly unique in the galaxy in that they do not take payment for their work (it belongs to one of the categories for which they believe it is morally wrong to charge; others include food and housing).



Most broadly, doctors maintain the physical well-being of their patients by means of routine checkups and emergency procedures. Many specialize, focusing on the brain or the lungs or the heart or other areas of the body. Some do not, and instead check on general wellness. Many general practitioners refer their patients to specialists depending on what ails them.

Social Status

A great doctor is considered on par with a great warrior or general. It's also rather common for doctors and warriors to form friendships with one another, and for a member of the latter group to recommend a doctor to all of his or her friends.
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