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Orbital Communication Outposts

Orbital Communication Outposts, informally called "call center satellites", dot much of Muxteran space, glittering in the sky against a backdrop of stars. Originally unconnected scientific and military outposts conducting any number of projects at any given time, these satellites were eventually reorganized and restructured into vast communications outposts serving much of The Nine Systems.

Purpose / Function

Each satellite was originally built for a different purpose. Some were military outposts, placed at strategic locations for the purpose of defending Muxter from outside threats. Others were scientific in nature, conducting all manner of experiments from "what does this animal do in microgravity" to exotic physics. Most of these satellites were constructed at different times and often reflect the history of Muxteran satellite design, and the older ones that weren't scrapped and replaced were often repurposed and renovated accordingly. (Some staff on the oldest stations take pride in all the missions their particular orbital was assigned to before being converted into a call center.)   The expansion of the Stenza empire across the stars, and the conquest of Muxter proper, has led to the conversion of all satellites into "something useful". Muxterans elected to convert them into communication centers in order to manage the expanding information needs of that part of space, and the satellites are now known as "call center satellites" primarily staffed by Muxterans and contributing to a stereotype of Muxterans as low-level employees.
Orbital, Satelite
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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22 Jan, 2021 12:40

There's so many interesting details here, from the stereotype of Muxterans being low-level employees to the original purposes of the satellites. :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
23 Jan, 2021 22:23

Ahh, cultural cross-contamination.   I'm thinking the satellites will become important in later books in the series, maybe against a warring faction that has never invented the robocall, and therefore a call center can be used against them.