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Mundeen is the constitutionally-recognized capital of the planet Muxter and home to a metropolitan collection of nearly five million Muxterans. Mundeen began life in a river valley as a humble fishing village, and for most of its life, that was how its citizens plied their trade. There have been periods in Muxteran history where fish from Mundeen were a prized delicacy, leading to an influx of people and money into the city, and there have been other periods where this opinion was not strongly held, leading to economic slumps and people seeking other lines of work.   Currently, Mundeen is much more economically diverse. While there is still a sector of the population that fishes the nearby waters, many others are involved in industry, technology, tourism, and so on. Much of this is a result over time of many influxes of people from across the continent during changing political climates. The latest influx came when the council of Muxter's world governments voted to build their meeting place in Mundeen, making it a political hub as well as a cultural and economic one. The population has since ballooned, bringing in people all over the planet for work at the council building, other diplomatic functions, and to fill needed infrastructure roles that came with that.   Mundeen is now more famous as a political center than the fishing village it started out as, but some local fish are still popular (some among the common man, others among economic and political elites).   Everything went fairly swimmingly until the Stenza initiated The Purge of Muxter on flimsy and fabricated grounds, ultimately leading to the Siege of Mundeen and the formation of the Muxteran Freedom Force.
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Aug 3, 2020 09:16 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I like that some fish are more favoured by the common people and some by the elite. I'm guessing there's a price difference?

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Aug 4, 2020 02:18

Oh yes, and a rarity difference, and a difference in safe preparation (pufferfish come to mind)