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Universal Translator


It is primarily used to wire into the brain, accessing the user's language centers to render what others say comprehensible, and to produce in the user similarly comprehensible speech. It was originally developed by Ilin both so he could be sure he wouldn't be screwed over, and as part of an arms package he was working on, chiefly for use as espionage equipment. As soon as it hit the market, however, a number of uses were found from the medical field to Orbital Communication Outposts to the musical industry, and there are rumors that the tech has started to circulate in the "Space Brothers"-controlled portions of the galaxy.

Social Impact

While the Stenza themselves make virtually no use of the universal translator (either learning languages the old-fashioned way or simply speaking Mudeweian Stenza entirely), they do track its usage by other groups, namely freedom fighters, terrorist cells, and other groups which have a nasty habit of interfering in their affairs. (A number of Stenza who have heard the rumors are also interested in its use in espionage against the Space Brothers.)   Across The Nine Systems, the universal translator has made easier basically any task which requires two parties to talk to each other (which is most tasks). Some ships, such as those used for the Rally of the Twelve Galaxies, implant them automatically when they retrieve someone for medical care or short-term housing, to allow efficient communication between the passenger and the pilot. Members of any species who can be fitted with a translator have been (whether they cared for the prospect or not), with no observed ill effects.
Access & Availability
Extremely widely used across the Nine Systems, although mostly by non-Stenza individuals and groups (everyone from upper-class Althusians to Muxteran freedom fighters), in order to better achieve their ends (such as doing business or understanding enemy movements).


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