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The Annihilator is a drop ship currently owned and maintained by the Clan of the Lost and in service to The Nine Systems. It is short two pods but otherwise contains a full suite of weapons and defenses common to similarly-sized drop ships.   It was named after Ruvva, who gained the epithet "The Annihilator" after leading the Burning of Desolation.

Power Generation

Energy generated by the engine is run through the rest of the ship to power all of its systems (including necessary and legally-required redundant lines designed to account for pups), on top of being used to accelerate.


As with most spacefaring vessels, the Annihilator is propelled by an engine, although it can coast through space of its own momentum as needed. Paired to the engine are two subspace drives which allow it to cross vast distances almost instantaneously by virtue of subspace's particular properties. The engine and attached drives are maintained by the Engine Technicians of the Annihilator, of which Ta'zhen is a part.

Weapons & Armament

As with all drop ships, the most prominent feature of the Annihilator is the drop pods, which are capable of dropping teams of Stenza or (less commonly) infantry drones onto the surface of a planet, chiefly used in the final stages of the Stenza conquest of a planet.

Hangars & docked vessels

The Annihilator is built to accommodate eight four-man drop pods, although two have been lost to enemy forces and have yet to be replaced.
Owning Organization
Military Formation Usage
Current location
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Aug 1, 2022 11:43 by Marjorie Ariel

I particularly like the detail of the two missing drop pods. I suspect there is a story there.

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