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Engine Technicians of the Annihilator

A collection of individuals who work aboard the Drop Ship The Annihilator, who are known not only for their competence but also for their insane levels of inter-group slang and customs, many of which appear informal to the ship's ranking officers and other military types. Ta'zhen is a member, so a fair number of them have met Tzim-Sha at least once as a consequence.


Loosely organized and primarily brought together by their challenging work on the engines of a drop ship (including its subspace drives). They have a spokesperson named Pa'yole, who is the most senior technician among them, but her primary job is to relay orders from the officers and prepare status reports on engine functionality.


Like many groups of ship's technicians, the Engine Techs aboard the Annihilator pass their free time storytelling. It is common for many of the seasoned members to tell their newer counterparts urban legends in order to spook them as an informal rite of passage. Common themes in these legends include some horrible occurrence befalling a ship and stranding it in space, such that it is lost with all hands (often this serves to teach new hands the importance of minding every aspect of their jobs and telling the right people about a certain problem, while also being terrifying and a reminder that not all things can be fixed).
Social, Group
Alternative Names
Engineers, Those Guys, The Whackjobs
Engineer, Engine Tech
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Ship's Technician


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