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The Earth Fandom


A very loosely organized group of individuals across all walks of Stenza life who share the same core belief: that Earth, and life on it, is cool. This can range in intensity from admiring Earthlings and Earth flora for its natural beauty, to devoting themselves to studying aspects of the culture. It also occasionally has a political component: a significant fraction of Terraboos are politically opposed to hunting humanity, to gain leadership or otherwise.

Public Agenda

This varies across its members. Some are scientifically inclined, seeking to advance Stenza knowledge of Earth. Some are politically inclined, as mentioned above (enough of its members are that their activism may have prevented any previous plans to "cleanse" the Earth). Some of the latter even try to advance the idea of making Earth a protectorate state in the Stenza empire.
Social, Group
Alternative Names
Earthhead, Terraboo, Earthie, fanatic, radical
Parent Organization
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