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Guard Crew of the Artificial Moon

They have one job, and one job only: see to it that the thing in the Artificial Moon never escapes.   What is it? They will never ask, and they will certainly never tell.


In a near-mirroring of wider Stenza society, the crew is headed by a council representing every major group aboard the station: technicians, the military, scientists, guards, and so on. This is to maximize input in order to make the best decisions going forward, and to prepare for the eventuality of something going horribly, horribly wrong. It is made very clear to everyone to do their jobs and keep their heads down, and to not get too curious or engage in maverick behavior, as that jeopardizes the entire species.

Public Agenda

Their only goal is to protect the Stenza people and their carefully (or precariously, depending on perspective) constructed empire from the monster whose defeat a unified Stenza identity was founded upon. Many within the organization fear that if it were to escape, that unified identity would be threatened, but that fear is commonly perceived of as baseless. Regardless, all agree that the mission trumps whatever political and societal views they might hold.


Established in the earliest days, formally during the construction of the structure itself, a crew of technicians and scientists, military personnel, and many others have kept watch over the creature well into the present day. They have kept its chamber up to date and updated their monitoring stations, other facilities, and quarters, in that order, throughout the course of history. While they have made no effort to keep the station's contents a secret, it is widely agreed that whatever is in there is too dangerous to think much about, for the sake of sanity.   (Interestingly, pups rarely find their way aboard the station. The brave, or the "too curious for their own good" have cropped up there, and when they do are given a token representative on the council, see above. But this is a shockingly rare occurrence given normal pup behavior.)
Founding Date
Military, Crew
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