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Artificial Moon

The Collective Knowledge means Stenza cannot keep secrets from each other. It does not preclude the collective memory hole-ing of horrors.   The years-long construction of the artificial moon which now orbits Mudewei harbors an unholy open secret of the sort that one dare not release. They say only the crew have seen its face.

Purpose / Function

It houses one of the most dangerous creatures the Stenza have ever encountered, which isn't to be released under any circumstances.


The core stasis chamber has undergone many updates over the years, commonly piecemeal so as not to disturb the creature within. The structures radiating out from this to monitor the threat and to house the crew of the station have also seen their share of updates in keeping with changing building codes.


It is a chiefly utilitarian construction made of metal and crystalline sheets, many of which can be detached and shuffled around in a pinch.


The original stasis chamber was a crude, bulky device that could only barely contain the creature it was designed to contain. Commissioned by Iradae the Lawgiver as a means of protecting their people, it had to be built during the ongoing defense effort, and in many pieces. The whole structure was launched on early rockets to a spot carefully calculated to complement the two moons, though technicians worked to assemble as much as they could on land. The final piece to reach the station was the chamber itself, now containing the threat.   Much of the early superstructure contained the gases that would keep the creature in stasis, but as the technology progressed, the chamber was updated, allowing more room for the crew tasked with monitoring the creature. Since the earliest days of its staffing it has been manned by the "best of the best" at the time, so that into the present there is an air of the awesome around the dangerous mission of making sure it never finds a way to break out.   Also into the present, very few think about what the structure contains, only bothering with the simplest of bare bones details. Yearly retellings of Iradae's feat also follow this tradition, incongruous with the otherwise overly-elaborate detail of the Khe'drakha form.
Alternative Names
Stasis Chamber
Megastructure, Orbital scale
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