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The Southern Islands

The Southern Islands are the most biologically diverse place on Mudewei, being the known spawning grounds of over three hundred species of fish, used by an additional two hundred others as hunting or feeding grounds, and home to an impressive array of other undersea life (sponges, anemone, etc.) On top of this, the islands themselves are home to tropical trees, and dozens of other forms of plant life, some of which is biologically related to the 'Alashaia.   The Islands were first discovered from the Artificial Moon during its passes around the planet. While this is not the Moon's original function, it was soon able to petition the Stenza government for the resources and ability to investigate the southern hemisphere in order to further scientific knowledge. In the intervening years, the catalogue of known species grew, especially with the help of a newly contacted colony of Sandibari living in and around the islands. They are generally friendly and helpful but particularly homebound and wish to stay that way. Some believe they are also going to evolve into a different species many many years into the future.   There are now two orbital bases around Mudewei for the purposes of monitoring places like the Southern Islands, next to and in concert with the ten bases dedicated to studying the asteroids and comets in the solar system for any signs of wayward space rocks. These represent two elements of the Interconnected Planetary Protection Program, instituted by the Stenza for "the interim period while Stenza search for suitable colony worlds and investigate the properties of the Ice Flats for purposes of replication or relocation."
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