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Poison Lake

There is a lake in the Mudeweian arctic wilderness that The Stenza know of, but rarely dare to approach on their travels. It is said that the lake's waters can influence the thoughts of whomever drinks of it, driving them to stay close to the lake against common sense and medical advice, and some even say that the worst cases, those who stay a year or longer, waste away into ash.   Naturally the Stenza have sent scientific teams to investigate the lake. The teams were heavily suited to protect against possible radiation while they sampled the lake's water. Studies of the water have shown contamination by a substance of unknown origin, and the lake has been rightfully flagged as a dangerous location. Many felt a blend of vindication and anger at the fact that science has proven something many had known for ages.
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Feb 4, 2021 15:42 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ooo intriguing and terrifying. I wonder what the substance is that is present in the lake.

Feb 5, 2021 01:26

Lowkey based on "The Colour Out Of Space".