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Drop Unit

Judgment Day.



A drop unit contains 600 troops, plus 1500 ship maintenance, 500 reserves, and 1200 performing other functions (i.e. medical, navigation, and so on).


The unit is transported by a subspace capable craft known as a drop ship, the lower decks of which are devoted to four-man pods, and are thus notable in the Stenza fleet for being the only ship class without a Sandibari compliment. Each drop pod is designed to withstand most of the friction of entering a planet's atmosphere, and break open like a nut upon landing. They can typically be teleported back for recycling, but sometimes are damaged beyond repair.   Also aboard a drop ship is a sick bay. While not tenable as a full-on hospital, a sick bay serves as an emergency room instead and immediately teleports to Mudewei proper at any sign of danger to the ship itself.
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