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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Α vehicle or type of vehicle used for long journeys
A total of 415 entries

the halfling handcarts and wagons

Yppwenlas Cerraed and Chariots in General

Atmospheric Transport - ATTT

"Mieszko" — magnetic levitation train

The Mechanical Magical Rail-Wagons

Phoenix Class Exploratory Cruisers

Remote Personality Cache/Display

Fundamentally UNsafe Prototype Artificial Wing

Digging On-land Observation and Killing Instrument

Butcher Island Hearth-Carrier

Hercules Class Dreadnought

The Fairy Godmothers' Carriage

Manley-class Astrophysical Research Ship

Transgalactic Recreation and Exploration Interconnection Nexus Vehicle

Mélység Küldötteinek vitorlásai

Vehicles of The Frozen North

Model A1 - All-Terrain Multi-Purpose

Ang'Vu'Ko - The Wings of the sand

Ships and Wagons used in the Trade sector

Zambowknee Transportation Network

Civilian ships of the Sea of Jars

Desert Gnome Scuttle Bus

Hospitality Class Light Cruisers

The flying squad of Elebar

Transcontinental Underground Train

The Caravaner - the Chittiki Mobile Home

Grande Wicksler Continental Ferriere

Mark II Gnomish Speedboat

The Warp Ship, H.M.S. Wyldspace