Atmospheric Transport - ATTT

"Have you ever driven an ATTT?"   "Sure. And they're continually made in the same way, so if you've driven one, you can drive them all."   "Shouldn't they be updated? Doesn't the technology get stagnant?"    "Not really. Make them any better and they become ships flyable beyond a plant's atmosphere. That makes them too valuable. Also, the information would have to be updated, drivers would have to keep going through classes for new licenses, and all that."   "So... an ATTT is the same as it was years ago because people are lazy?"   "You're surprised?"
— Conversation overheard between two S.A.s in a Pearl Lotus Hotel elevator

Weapons & Armament


Communication Tools & Systems

Each ATTT has a communication system that can be numbered for specific outreach, and also set to any airwave in hopes that someone will hear.


Sensors show their data on a radar screen at the control system. There are checks for sounds, heat sources, visual items in the forward and backward pathway of the transport unit, temperature, wind, and weather.    When it comes to weather, the information that scientists received from the planet is able to be downloaded and checked. [This has mutual benefits since it also allows the scientists to see daily weather in action, which helps them with their information gathering.]    The reason why weather was added as a sensor was because on Korth there was an attack disguised as a windstorm - the company using the ATTT argued (successfully) that because they didn't know the planet, they didn't know that sandstorms didn't happen, and this type of attack should be seen via sensor. Therefore, it was one of the last updates before it was decided that nothing else was needed to the ATTT.
Triple A
"From here to there, under the stars."
Current location
Complement / Crew
2 person Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
48,000 pounds (adjusted for gravity) + 3 passengers (each additional passenger needs adjustment)


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