Airskiffs are a type of Einyan airship characterised by its small size, high speed, and verstaile maneuvering. They are usually meant for individual use by an aeronaut who stands on a flat and uprotected surface.  


Most airskiffs use the same thrust technology as most other airships: a linked attraction motor (LAM) and a rudder or ailerons for steering. However, advenced skiffs can combine this with a sail and even an intrinsic energy thruster (IET) to provide extra speed and more flexible maneuvering.   The aeronaut is usually secured to the airskiff by a harness, as in most kinds of airskiff, all four limbs are needed for steering. The sail (if any) and the steering are controlled with the hands, while speed, pitch, and altitude are controlled with the feet. Accessible models of airskiffs for aeronauts with reduced mobility exist, although they tend to be more difficult to use. Some companies also offer airskiffs with arcane control, meaning that they can be controlled using telepathy.  


Airskiffs are mostly used for short-distance travel, usually between nearby islands in the Eimaui Archipelago. They are also a popular choice among aerobats thanks to the vessel's light weight and high maneuverability, which is also why some militaries keep modified airskiffs in their fleet, usually for recon purposes.   These airships also have a special cultural significance among Greatsailors. Seeing an airskiff on a long-distance journey is uncommon, but when it happens, they usually have a larger hull (generally modified by the aeronaut) that lets them carry supplies and is sometimes wide enough to let the aeronaut sleep in the vessel. Chances are, a long-distance airskiff is piloted by a Greatsailor on a journey to discover the world and, through it, themselves.


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I really like the cultural connection that Greatsailors have with Airskiffs.   Writing Note: you use the word "usually" twice very close in the last paragraph. I would recommend changing one to avoid redundancy. (But that's all stylistic, so it's up to you :)

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