Ha, look, they still name their busses, isn't that like, ancient practice? It's kinda cute though.
  103 is one out of 9 busses trafficing the route between Vännäs, Vindeln, Urskoga and Umeå. It's called Roger by the bus drivers and its passengers. It's the only bus that runs every day and it's very rarely home sick.  
The mechanics are a little bit creeped about Roger, the passengers only note that they appear to travel with Roger a lot, the busdrivers are happy when they get to drive Roger and the bus company owners like Roger a lot.  


Roger, like the other buses owned by Urskoga's local bus traffic company, is light grey with a dark blue stripe around it below the windows and above the tires. The seats are clad in dark blue fabrics and are pretty uncomfortable, at least for the passengers. The floors and other interior is light grey and looks clean.   Below the driver's window and next to the door in the front on the right side of the bus it says "Roger" in a black loopy font. In front of the bus and in the back of the bus on the right side just below the lights sits the number "103" in black. Like all busses in Sweden, the busses in Urskoga are numbered as well for bookkeeping and logistical reasons. The local bus company in Urskoga has decided to name their busses as well. When a new bus arrives they are always baptized with a name after they have completed their first day of service. It's become a rare but fun event as passengers and other inhabitants of the town are encouraged to vote on the name of the new addition to the fleet.
Creation date
2018 February
[Redacted for now]


Roger, like their kin, has a GPS system and a radio system that the drivers should be taught before they are allowed to drive. They are also expected to keep their private phones with them even though they are not allowed to use them while on the clock.


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