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The town is bigger than I thought it would be...
  Urskoga /ʉrskuːɡa/ rests in Västerbotten County between the municipalities of Vindeln and Umeå. From the town center it takes about 5-10 minutes by bicycle to reach Urborgasjön and around 2 minutes to reach Urvattna, a small river from Urborgasjön that flows out into Umeälven.   Around 2010 Urskoga was a hot tourist attraction for people interested in paranormal activity. The town is still a popular attraction for this but interest has waned a bit.  


A small group of outcast Germanic people from Umeå moved to the area which is now Urskoga in the late 16th century. The tiny settlement wasn't called anything until the 17th century when it was mentioned in writing.   The town wasn't officially founded until 1801 by [redacted for now]. Until then the small settlement had kept to themselves but now rumors of the presence of supernatural beings started to spread...  


Urskoga is located next to Urborgasjön and along the river named Urvattna. It is a small town around the size of its neighbor Vännäs.


Winters are long and freezing while summers are mild.   Rain during the summer months is common. Oddly enough rain appears to be localized to Urskoga while the surrounding areas haven't seen even seen the tail ends of a shower.


Currently the town proper has 4271 inhabitants while there are 7854 people in total living in the municipality.   As of this year the foreign-born population is 8,9%, which is 699 people. This number has increased rapidly since the beginning of 2000, as there were only 3 foreign-born people living in this town before then. The largest groups, currently, are from Norway, Finland, Iran and Somalia.   It is unknown, since most inhabitants are not in the know, how many "Strangers" inhabits the town. But the percentage is a lot higher than in the rest of the country.


There is no train connections to Urskoga, though, they have a local bus company that populates a route between Vännäs, Vindeln, Urskoga, and Umeå. As well as a route that runs through the residential and commercial areas of the town.   A company that hosts electrical scooters that people can rent through an app has just settled in the town as well.   The largest road, [redacted for now], that leads to Urskoga connects directly to road 363 and it is heavily trafficked by trucks. There is a pretty large trucking company that is located on the outskirts of Urskoga.  


Urskoga has a church, a local library, one hotel, one camping site, a small cinema, a large open air stage and a small inside stage used for music shows, school graduations, theater and operas. There are a couple of small local bands that borrow the stages and one non-profit theatre company.   The town has a small annual 3 day festival named [redacted for now] with music shows, food stalls and other activites. The festival usually have around 10000-15000 visitors.  


Urskoga have 3 schools and 4 kindergardens.   [redacted for now] that caters to 16-18 year olds. Around 550 students can choose between 9 progammes. A currently popular one is tourism.   Viljaskolan caters to 7-12 year olds and [redacted for now] caters to 13-15 year olds.


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