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Knowledge is a scary condition. Too much of it and it might be unhealthy...
There are several supernatural creatures, Oknytt, living in or around the town of Urskoga. Around 32% of the population of the municipality are some kind of oknytt.   Many of the regular humans who live alongside the oknytt do not know of their existence. They believe that everyone in town are real humans. While the oknytt are aware that other oknytt exists among the populace of the town they aren't always aware if the person they are speaking to is an oknytt from another "species" or a regular human.   There are several oknytt in the government of the town and they are there to not only help the town prosper, but also to protect the town's inhabitants. Both humans and oknytt.   The oknytt are usually socializing in communities of their own "species" and don't interact much over those lines. An oknytt is more likely to have more friends among their own "species" or among humans than among other "species".  


As an oknytt there are no official rules that state that you can not share your true nature with humans, however, it is heavily implied by family members and the rest of the community that ones true nature should be kept hidden from humans. Otherwise bad things will happen.   The knowledge of the existence of oknytt usually spread to a human when they have entered into a close relationship with a oknytt or if they happen to see something and the oknytt decides to share their secret instead of explaining it away. Around 19% of the human populace are currently in the know. This number is constantly growing and the higher-ups do not know what to do to contain the spread of this condition.


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