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Amphibious Wagon

An amphibious wagons are essentially standard wagons and are used as such. The differences stop at usage however as their form is significantly different from that of a normal cart or wagon. Firstly as the name suggests amphibious carts are designed to traverse swampy or boggy terrain as well as shallow waterways. To this end these carts have wide ski like runners instead of wheels and are pulled by large salamanders instead of horses. While slower that normal wagons over solid terrain and boats over more open water ways these amphibious transports are ideal for traveling to frontier camps or settlements in marshy areas that have either bad or nonexistent roads. They are particularly valued as light transports to and from temporary resource gathering camps that move frequently as the resource is depleted from that area like logging or seasonal crop such as cranberries and some types tubers.   While generally considered easier to maintain than horses the salamanders that pull these wagons, draft salamanders, come with there own set of quirks and care concerns. They are significantly more food motivated and must be kept well fed lest they become distracted by potential food. If they are hungry they may attempt to eat anything they can fit in their mouth and it is best to keep small pets away from them at all times. Special care should also be taken to make sure they are properly secured so they don't wander off following a potential meal during breaks in travel. They are slower and can not pull as heavy a load as more common draft animals making them less desirable as transport when standard methods of travel are possible. The salamanders also require moisture due to their amphibious nature. Over all amphibious wagons are a niche transport that specializes in a particular terrain outside of which it has poorer mobility than both of it primary competitors, horse drawn transports and boats.

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