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Pond is a microcosm. A small world covered in forest, fields, meadows, bogs, and shot through with a myriad of titular ponds. Veined with rivers, streams and the occasional small mountain range. The world is centered around a large lake and becomes more wild, untamed, and mysterious the farther you travel from this center point until eventually you reach the Nameless Fields and the unknowable wall of fog called The Edge.   Pond is a world where fairy and folk tales are sometimes reality both the light hearted and the grim with neither eclipsing the other both often being overshadowed by the mundane. Pond is a world where wells may grant wishes , or contain lost souls, but are most likely to merely provide water. Tramps on disused roads may provide maps to grand treasures if given a coin or they may cut twisted Faustian bargains with the unsuspecting. Pond is a land where candles play at being men and the ghosts of drown miners try to provide warnings to others to save them from a similar fate. A land where frogs are knights, lords, or barons and Lizard folk build floating cities. The farther from the lake at the center of the world the stranger things become.