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Kurir class carrier

The Kurir is the Federation of Xah's FourDrive enabled carrier vessel, responsible for transporting other ships between star systems. One of the largest mobile constructions built by any human culture, it is a symbol of Xahian scientific and technical supremacy, and the arrival of only one Kurir class vessel in an independent system almost always signifies the death bell of its status as a free system. They act as headquarters and 'home' to entire Warrior Caste Divisions, travelling where they are needed, carrying the military might of Xah wherever they go.

Power Generation

The core power generation of the Kurir carrier is an antimatter reaction chamber, which provides the massive amounts of energy required for the translation into FourSpace. As well as this, there are eight fusion reactors that provide power for the rest of the ship's systems, as well as allowing the hundreds of ships that dock with it to recharge and refuel.


Aside from the FourDrive that enables the vessel to move between star systems, the Kurir is not expected to move from its location once in-system. If necessary, the vessel can use its fusion reactors to move, but its acceleration is slow, despite the power of the drives, and once within the plane of planetary orbits, use of its FourDrive is complicated.

Weapons & Armament

The vessel has no offensive weaponry, relying on the vessels that it carries to provide protection once inside a hostile system. It does carry a large number of point defence lasers, mainly to protect itself from naturally occuring space debris such as meteorites, but they can also be used against incoming missile fire. Due to its size, any attack on the vessel would be a substantial endevour, and as a last ditch tactic, assuming that escape using its FourDrive is not possible, is to detonate its substantial stores of antimatter. This creates an explosion large enough to threaten any attackers within several thousand kilometers.

Communication Tools & Systems

As well as providing transport for vessels between systems, all FourDrive vessels act as communication relays. Faster-than-light communications is not yet possible, so FourDrive vessels will collect signals intended for their destination, carrying messages to broadcast once there. As such, their communication arrays are substantial, and very powerful, with a number of radio and laser communication facilities.

Hangars & docked vessels

A typical complement for the Kurir carrier is 108 Pongechy dropship carriers, designed to carry orbital dropships further into the system, and 24 Regmeche gunships, which act as a long-range platform for their powerful x-ray lasers. Variations exist for cargo transport, replacing some of the dropship carriers with cargo versions, but all Kurir vessels will carry gunships and at least a couple dozen dropship carriers for protection. The Pongechy vessels each carry up to eighteen Bifyojich Dropships, and each dropship transports up to eight thousand Warrior caste combat troops plus support.   In total, a Kurir Carrier fully equipped for a system invasion will be carrying upwards of sixteen and half million individuals, the majority being Warrior Caste.
The three major FourDrive vessels, with the Kurir Class center

Owning Organization
Related Technologies
Approx. 31 km
Approx. 27.5 km
Complement / Crew
Approx. 1250
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
108 Pongechy dropship carriers:
(1,944 Bifyojich Dropships)
24 Regmeche gunships

Total: 16.5 million troops

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