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Bifyojich Dropship

When it comes to deploying Warrior Caste troops to the ground, the Federation of Xah utilises the Bifyojich (ˈbifjɔɟiʧ) dropship. Capable of putting a regiment of troops, plus support, on the ground from low orbit in less than an hour, and then returning them to orbit afterwards.

Power Generation

The dropship is powered by a fusion reactor that uses a tritium/deuterium mix, as with all Xahian reactors.


Propulsion is provided by six closed-cycle fusion drives, using seeded hydrogen as propellant. There is sufficient delta-V to land the craft, and return it to orbit, or to travel within orbital space to any moons, if necessary. Whilst the craft has the thrust and propellant stores for prolonged travel in space, it is not designed for such and will only attempt this in an emergency as it reduces the vessels landing capabilities without refuelling.

Weapons & Armament

The Bifyojich Dropship is not designed as a combat vessel, and depends heavily on support, especially when it is dropping onto a planet. Once on the ground, the ship has 12 point defence lasers and six long-range rail guns to protect it from incoming missile and projectile fire, but also its ground troop contingent, who will set up a perimeter and other defences once deployed. Its greatest asset is its long-range communications, with which it can call in orbital and air support where needed.

Armor and defense

The hull of the dropship is armoured enough to resist the rigours of re-entry, utilising both heat-resistance materials, and a magneto-dynamic field to avoid burning up. It is also well protected against small-arms fire, but is vulnerable to larger and heavier weapons. As with offence, it relies upon support both in space and on the ground.

Communication Tools & Systems

The communication systems on the dropship are considered some of the best that the Federation of Xah is capable of, with a dedicated orbital link to its mothership and a long-range, wide-band encrypted radio system for communication with ground troops. The Leader Caste prioritises communications and situational awareness as being key to success in its operations, and the command deck on the dropship is well equipped to monitor and track the battalion troops on the battlefield.
Owning Organization
240 meters
250 meters
Complement / Crew
1,500 crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
1 regiment plus support (~8,000 Warriors)

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