The Travelling Lamps

"Oh neat, an oil lamp!"
— Someone who yelled too late and their friend who touched an oil lamp.


Not all that glitters should be found

  Buried deep within the sands, spread far apart where very few might look and fewer still can hear their call, lies some oil lamps. Their bronze luster seek the glow of the sun, to feel the warmth of it on their brushed exterior, a chance that the ones who buried them made extremely unlikely.
  There is little in these lands that must be locked away, though there may be plenty to keep under guard. That which lies within the sealed oil lamps are a power that once wreaked havoc on the Eight Lands, powers that if unleashed once more will begin to tear this world apart.
  Entombed in ironwood boxes, sealed by triple cast wards, their seams are no more, their hinges long gone, their lock eternal. Destined to be held within a timeless place, whatever may be within these tombs waits for the end of their journey through time from their imprisoning to their release.

Lost is not just for the misplaced

  Of course, before they were entombed, they had to be relinquished, an effort that brought an end to more than a few lives. A hidden toll to freedom paid by those who know their sacrifice will never be in vain, those who know their moment is then and there, that they will go no further along this mortal coil. Prices are paid every day in the name of becoming free, whether those who pay it know what their souls contributed to or not.
  Though we all hope to find what we lose, not all that is lost is misplaced, for just as there are things that must be lost to become found, there are things that must be lost simply to never be found.
  The seekers of the past learn their mistakes after their seeking has ended, so perhaps it is best that this piece of history be left behind...


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4 Jul, 2022 10:23

Fascinating interpretation of the prompt. Great take on the trope of ancient artifacts that modern people were not meant to tamper with.

4 Jul, 2022 11:11

Glad you enjoyed it!

4 Jul, 2022 15:48

Hehehehe this is a fun use of the 'vehicle' prompt. Well done. That is magnificent.

Keon Croucher, Chronicler of the Age of Revitalization
5 Jul, 2022 04:54

Happy to hear you like it, I had fun writing it!

31 Jul, 2022 20:43

Lovely and slightly spooky article. I like!

2 Aug, 2022 08:38

Yeah, just a little fun one this time around!