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Dune Sailer

Desert Drifter

Written by Endrise

Legends say that the first settlers feared the heat around here, so they took their ships upon land and sailed further into the deserts.
Conquering the sands as they would the seas.
— Mojhara legends

The deserts of the Mojhara region are notorious to traverse, being vast and hot. Its natives learned to traverse them by different methods, including sailing.

From it came the Dune Sailer, a boat designed to travel the deserts with relative ease. Either by wind or beast, it allows for large-scale transportation of cargo and people.

Boats of the Sandy Seas

Desert Ships

Dune Sailers are distinct by their wide and low profiles. Depending on their size, they can come in catamaran and trimaran models, used for storage of rations and other tools.

Passengers remain on the deck during travel while the captain stands on an elevated platform. Its most common method of movement is by catching desert winds, sailing on them like a boat would on the sea. But some also rely on animals to pull the ship around.

A more unusual method is the usage of wind magic when there isn’t enough to go with. Spellcasters blow into the sails to propel the sailers forward, or in local Kobold terms, “scream” into them. Something that allows one to achieve insane speeds in mere seconds.

Frequent amongst Kobold tribes
Up to 80 km/h
Complement / Crew
3 crewmembers
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Up to 10 small creatures

Sailing the Seven Sands

The utility of a Dune Sailer makes it beloved by northern Mojhara’s people. High speeds and reliable transport allow it to travel across the deserts with relative ease, unhindered by the dunes. For many, it is the preferred method of moving across these areas.

Centuries of improving the designs led to Dune Sailers being the ideal vehicle. Its simple design also makes it quite the versatile vessel, useful for any occasion. The only limitations are size and resources to make these boats.

You could technically use a dune sailer as a boat. But where is the fun in doing that?
— Dune Sailer

Vessels are made around the coastline or near the Green Wall, anywhere with an ample supply of wood. While a lot are owned by larger organisations, a few do end up in personal hands.

The culture surrounding dune sailers even use it for entertainment, with races through the desert being a common contest. Others also use it as actual boats, pulling it into a river to fish after a trip through the hot desert sand. A true vessel for every occasion.

Kobold Pack Tactics

Native Kobold tribes tend to steal or build their own Dune Sailers, working together with the Dragon population to attack trade routes. The resulting team-up leads to chaotic attacks where a group of Kobolds pop up out of nowhere with one or two ships offering support.

Such sailers are often smaller, modified for speed and maneuverability. One Mojhara dragon is enough to pull one of them, while also making them agile enough to avoid incoming enemy fire.

Their tactics involve moving in and out of range of their targets, attacking from several sides at once. While one sailer escapes, another flanks the travellers. Combined with a few Dragon riders and it is enough to have them claim another sailer.

Cover image: Vehicle Cover by Endrise


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