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Dune Sailer

Desert Drifter

Written by Endrise

Kobolds aren't just simple ambush predators. They're clever bastards that know how to disorient someone in a fight through teamwork alone.   And once they got you confused, they go in for the kill.
— Masaar Native
With the wide expanses of the Mojhara's deserts, trying to find a proper way to travel across them is a difficult task. But over the centuries people found ways to traverse them with ease.   Amongst these is the Dune Sailer, a vehicle used by Kobold tribes native to the Mojhara expanses. An ideal vehicle that makes navigating the desert for them easy.

The Boat of the Desert

Vessel of Sand and Dune

Most of the sailers made by tribes are known for their wide yet flat profiles. Being multi-hull products, they can come in either catamaran or trimaran designs. For many the hulls also act as storage for any supplies or aqcuired loot from the journey.   Many models come with a sloped hut that allows for shadow from the scorching sun between travel. On top is the nest for the navigator, who helps steer it into the right direction.   Moving it through the dunes is either done by sail or pulled by desert creatures such as a Mojharan Dragon. A few Kobold tribes even utilise forms of wind magic through the aid of a "storm screecher" to help push their dune sailers forward.

Speed Demons

The strength of Dune Sailers is their wide size giving them a lot of surface area to traverse the desert. Few get hindered by the dunes, allowing them to maintain their speeds for long periods of time. Literally sailing over the waves, making them ideal for fast travel.   Their speed allows them also to be great at striking out of nowhere and escaping before the target can respond. Kobolds often use them to attack trade routes, with their hit & run tactics making losses few and far between. Tribes can even have multiple Dune Sailers, allowing one to retreat from battle while the other goes in for another attack.   The downside is that their large sizes do make them easy targets for anyone with a proper shot. If either the sail tears or the dragon pulling the sailer falls, a sailer becomes a dead weight.
Frequent amongst Kobold tribes
Up to 80 km/h
Complement / Crew
3 crewmembers
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Up to 10 small creatures

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Cover image: Vehicle Cover by Endrise


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Juan Belío
2 Jul, 2022 09:07

It's amazing how much this article conveys with just the minimum. The header, the CSS, everything makes me feel like I'm reading this straight from the pages of an encyclopedia. I love the use of kobolds here and now I'm really curious as to what the Dragon itself is. Maybe the animal prompt could handle that curiosity?

2 Jul, 2022 09:51

Mojhara Dragons basically are feathered velociraptors. Smaller than their cousins, limited flight, but powerful legs that allow them to dash over sandy terrains at fast speeds.