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Deep Ships

Deep Ships are the preferred method of travel for residents of the Dark Hollows living along the shores of the Dark Sea. With their sturdy iron-plated hulls, these two-deck ships are also some of the sturdiest ships in Taeva for their small size, with only the Dwarven Ships surpassing them.

Power Generation

Earlier Deep Ships relied on a crew of rowers for propulsion, though with the advent of Magitech, these ships now make use of Aether-powered engines to fuel propulsion.


Due to the lack of wind within the caves of the Dark Hollows, Deep Ships make use of a large magitech-powered paddle wheel located in the rear-aft of the ship, or one on either side for larger vessels carrying heavy cargo in place of sails. In the event that the engines and/or wheels fail, Deep Ships also have rows of oars available for emergency propulsion.

Weapons & Armament

Deep Ships often have a few cannons on either side (with ships built for combat having more than those built for trade and travel), and sometimes have a single cannon of a slightly larger calibre mounted on the front.

Armor and defense

Deep Ships have wooden hulls covered in iron plating. While this was originally meant to protect the ships from environmental hazards (mainly rocks hidden beneath the water and (rarely) falling from the cave ceiling), it's also been useful in protecting the ship from pirates and hostile wildlife.

Communication Tools & Systems

Deep Ships make use of signal lanterns and bells to communicate with other ships and ports from afar.


While the residents of the Dark Hollows can see well enough in the dark, Deep Ships also use bright lanterns for navigating the darker waters of the Dark Sea.

Hangars & docked vessels

All Deep Ships have lifeboats on board in case of emergencies.
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