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To say the Introdai travel the Intera is an exaggeration. As a species they have little more than rudamentary tools and technology. In a rote, almost ritual process they harvest the cast off remnants of creation. They harvest the crystalized fragments of Prima (the 1st or 6th element depending on your perspective) that remain for nutrion and offerings to Imythriel, mother of light. The harvesting of the husks of varying size can take years and the drift to another even longer. As a result of their steady, focused work, they carve free light, irregularly shaped vessels called Dhowum, that drift like flotsam along the faint, but everpresent celestial currents.   These hollowed out fragments look less like ocean or aerial ships and more the skeletal remains of a slain creature. One trait that seems fairly consistent is a series of rib-like protrusions. Varying number and size, the Introdai believe instinct guides them to carve these elements into their Dhowum. They understand that these elements can, at times camoflauge the hibernating Introdai from an enternal entity they identify as Dovi or the Devourer. A great limbless serpent that consumes the incomplete, a custodian of Origin. This massive, relentless danger has only been seen by a rare few beyond the Introdai.

Power Generation



Celestial currents within the Inerta

Weapons & Armament


Armor and defense


Communication Tools & Systems

Introdai Travel Offerings
Once the harvesting of a husk reaches the point that a Dhowum can be loosening tnto drift, the Introdai cast off a collection or materials set aside during their work. This collection is more than just Jetsam, in fact it serves as a shrine of sorts. They set it adrift before the Dhowum with a prayer to Imythriel the Light, mother of creation.   Anyone, Introdai or otherwise, that encounters this shrine and takes of its harvest without and equivelant exchange will be marked and easily hunted by the Dovi.
Used by
Island ship, flotsam
Current location
Very slow
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Clusters of five Introdai, up to 100 per husk

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