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Galleons are large, multi-decked sailing ships used by the Solis Empire as armed cargo carriers and can be drafted as warships if a need arises. Most commonly they are used to transport supplies to from Sol to Fort Sundown and carry arshan wood on their way back to the capital.

20 tons of arshan wood loaded. You're free to go, captain. May the Sun light your path!
— A harbour clerk at Fort Sundown

Solar Galleon

The Solar Galleon is one of the kind among the galleons of the Solis Empire. It serves as the Emperor's flagship and is the grandest and most decorated ship to ever sail the sea. The sides are decorated with a golden trim and there is a a big golden orb on the prow symbolizing the sun. No one outside the imperial court, imperial guard, guests or servants is ever allowed on board. As the result, the details about the interior of the ship are hazy and full of rumours.

Technical Information


Galleons usually have 3 masts with sails that serve as their primary method of propulsion. The front and middle masts have square shaped sails, while the rear mast has a triangular sail set along the line of the keel.

The rigging system of our galleons is made in a way that the ships can reach port even with a fraction of its crew. They are really marvels our ship engineering
— A solis nobleman

Weapons & Armament

Galleons are usually lightly armed with just 5 to 10 cannons, so there is enough space left for the cargo they are transporting. In regular ship operations the cannons are used for defensive purposes against pirates. When a galleon is drafted for war the number of cannons on board is increased to about 30-40.

Owning Organization
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
200 tons


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