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Solis Empire

Solis Empire is the most powerful country around the Radiant Bay. Throughout the years it dominated many minor countries and assimilated their cultures. Currently, the empire is waging a long and slow war against the Arshan Freeholds. Arshans are using the hit and run tactics of ambushing imperial forces and avoid open battles.

The Empire is a beacon of progress and prosperity in a dark and wild world. Others oppose us only because they haven't seen the wonders of life in the Empire
— A solis politician


The Empire controls all of the western shores of the Radiant Bay and most of its northern shores. Its ancestral lands are located on the southern shores of a smaller bay inside the Radiant Bay known as the Sun Cradle. Solis people believe that the islands in the Sun Cradle are the first lands the Sun made when creating the world. Today those islands are inhabited by Arshans, but are part of the Empire.

The sacred islands must be cleansed of the Arshans! Their presence there is an offence to the Sun!
— A solis general to his soldiers

Technological Level

Solis Empire has entered a period of an industrial revolution. Invention of the steam engine has changed the way goods are produced and massive factories are being built in the cities. Rural areas also see a change in ways of production. Machines are taking over many of the jobs that previously were manual. However, rural areas also experience a loss in population as people are migrating to the cities to work at factories and have a good wage.


Church of the Unconquered Sun is the state religion of the Empire as well as the only religion allowed to be practised inside its borders. Punishment for heresy is death during a public execution. That applies both to herectics of the state religion and practisoners of other religions. They all are enemies of the Church and the State.

Religion is present in almost every aspect of life in the Empire. The borders between the Church and the State are so blurred that it is completely normal for the Imperial Ministers to be mostly or even all priests. Priests are also often granted positions in the army as officers and generals.

Founding Date
200 SE
Geopolitical, Empire
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
General Assembly (very little power, the assembly is kept just to please the population)
Sun-Emperor (the real power)
Executive Body
Sun-Emperor and his ministers
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Traditions
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles
Related Ethnicities


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