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Army of the Sun

Army of the Sun is the name of the Imperial Army of the Solis Empire. It is the biggest army in the known world as well as one of the most technologically advanced one. For hundreds of years it was unstoppable in its victories against the empire's enemies. However, in the last 100 years the Army of the Sun struggles to conquer the Arshan Freeholds despite the Arshans being technologically inferior. Many people say that the reason for lack of success is that the Imperial Army isn't prepared for the kind of hit and run warfare the Arshans are waging.


  • Line infantry
  • Grenadiers (shock troops)
  • Hussars (light cavalry)
  • Dragoons (mounted infantry)
  • Artillery
  • March under the rays of the sun

    Founding Date
    200 SE
    Military, Armed Forces
    Training Level
    Veterancy Level
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