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Fort Sundown

Fort Sundown is the main military base of the Solis Empire in the Arshan Forest. It houses the military command for the region, the main supply hub and serves as the landing place for new soldiers and units that join the conflict. It also a large number of living quarters for soldiers and officers. Throughout the years of the war, a civilian settlement started to rise around the military installation. As time went, the civilian settlement was more and more integrated within the fort. Today, the border between the military and civilian parts of the fort is almost completely unnoticeable.


The fort is under complete military control and the civilians living in it don't have any representation in the local government. As long as the civilians perform tasks for the army, they receive pay and get food for them and their families.

Command structure

  • General Leo Wehner - commanding officer of solis forces in the Arshan Forest
  • Colonel Julius Kornberg - commandant of Fort Sundown, responsible for the fort's day-to-day operations
  • Colonel Viktor Rasch - quartermaster
  • Major Albert Lange - commander of the military police
  • Defences

    The whole fort is surrounded by a curtain wall with bastions on each corner. Its main defensive elements are cannons situated on the walls. The cannons can shoot as far as 1.4 km. However, their accuarcy isn't ideal.

    Additionally, the fort has a permament garrison of 5000 soldiers. 3000 of them are infantry and 2000 are cavalry. To ensure that the garrison can quickly leave the fort to fight the attackers, all buildings (including the civilian ones) were placed in a way that leaves wide streets from the fort's central plaza to the gates.

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    The fort's name "Sundown" was chosen because of its location relative to the main territory of the Solis Empire. From empire's perspective the fort was located where the sun was setting. For Arshans, however, that name doesn't make any sense. For them the fort is located to the east.


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