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Arshan Forest

Arshan Forest, by the arshans called the Home Forest, is a massive forest covering the peninsula that marks the southern border of the Radiant Bay. It is a wild and dense forest where travelling requires a lot of pathfinding and survival skills. Arshans are said to have mastered those skills to perfection and can move through the forest unnoticed. Some say that this is through the use of magic, while others say that this is just a skill.

The Home Forest protects us and gives life. In return we protect it from outsiders who would see it just as place to exploit
— an arshan explaining their way of life

Arshan-Solis War

For the last 100 years the arshans have been waging a war against the Solis Empire that invaded the forest. Though the solis army is more advanded technologically it had problems with beating the natives. Arshans have been using their skills in navigating the dense forest to wage a hit and run war. It is something that the Army of the Sun is not prepared for. Solis prefer to wage war on big open fields where their army can spread long lines of infantry supported by artillery and cavalry.

Fauna & Flora

The Arshan Forest is a lush place full of life. Wide treetops of tall trees create an almost impenetrable roof through which only small rays of the sun reach the ground. There smaller trees and bushes grow and fight for access to the little sunlight there is.

The forest is also rich in animal life. All sorts of creatures live in it, from small rodents to big bison. The native population respects that diversity and hunts only as much of the animals as they need to survive.

Natural Resources

Wood is the main natural resource present in the forest and it is a very high quality material. Unobstructed access to this wood is one of the reasons that the Solis Empire decided to attack the Arshan Freeholds. Additionally, the hill area in the northeastern part of the forest is a source of good quality stone and iron ore.

Good. That wood is sturdy. Perfect for ships.
— A solis officer inspecting wood from the forest
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