5ALT13 T1TAN (sɑːl'-tiː taɪ'-tæn)

Noel Foxbought the JDV A-tuku, registry number 5ALT13 T1TAN in 1643 AN, and while they didn't change its official registry, calls the ship the Saltie Titan. It was important to them to buy a human designed and built ship in order to support the community.   They saved their income for 5 years to have enough money to purchase a ship that would be their home, belonging to no one but them.  

Power Generation

Alim class Nishkiri Hyperion Nursery generator which is capable of growing and harvesting Hyperion flowers to generate its own power.   Under ideal circumstances, the only fuel necessary for the ship is nutrients for the hydroponics garden.  


AGA generation 11 Helix Drive covers most of the ship's central body. The Gen 11 is an efficient drive intended to provide inexpensive propulsion so freighter crews might be able to make the most profit from their cargos.   As a result of this speed, they have become popular with bounty hunters and smugglers.  

Weapons & Armament

The Saltie Titan is equiped with two forward and two aft plasma cannons, as well as eight aeon turrets (particle weapons).  

Armor and defense

Point Defense Emitters installed on the dorcel and ventral sections int he center of the hyperspace wreath provides 720 degrees of protection from projectile as well as some particle and plasma weapons.   An Agur Circlet force field generator provides basic deflection of particles while travelling but can also be energied to protect the ship in combat.  

Communication Tools & Systems

The Saltie Titan uses Cito 8125a Ultrawave Hyperspace Transmitter and Antenna.  

Additional & auxiliary systems

Noel installed a Nu zi-shangal series b4c AI named Areten, or Ari for short that operates and maintains the ship, aides in navigation, sensor analysis and has access to a4d Henshin drone and the 11d Shadebeam bot shell.  

Hangars & docked vessels

Noel outfitted the auxilary bay with a Vahn adaptive, Marram Henshin a4d drone that can be controlled as a remotely operated vehicle or have the ship's AI download into it for use as a tranforming shell.  
by C. E. Dorsett
Saltie Titan, Saltie, The Titan
JDV (Jalrec Diplomatic Vessel) A-tuku (Titan)
Creation Date
1630 AN
Current location
53.16 meters (174.409449 feet)
85.61 meters (280.8727 feet)
20.39 meters (66.896325 feet)
Skirr 9
Complement / Crew


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