Qoten March (koʊ'-tɛn mɑːrtʃ)

The Qoten March is in the barrens between the Shinari Empire and the Tawghrul Empire. It is nominaly under the control of the Tholyn Syndicate, a group of Hesguin crime lords who treated their world like a safe house and transit port for their various criminal enterprises.   Once, It was the home of the Qoten Empire that fell during The Dark Nova. Ever since, the space has resisted any attempt to fold it into the neighboring empires and superpowers, not on account of an organized resistance from the locals, but from a series of unfortunate events that have plagued every attempt. A superstition arose that they cursed the expanse in the aftermath of the Dark Nova, when the Qoten disappeared.   The Margraves of Vulara consider themselves guardians of the March but not its rulers. Their wardens protect travelers and mediate disputes, but they do not intervene on the planetary level, nor do they impose their sense of order or law at the local level.


Before the Dark Nova, the march was know as Ceorlath Nalam, the empire of the Thalassans or as they called themselves, the Qoten.   Records are sparce in the century immedieately following the Dark Nova, especially in the march, but there is not a single recorded instance of a living Qoten in the wake of the disaster. Rumors and Legends persist, but no video, holographic, or photographic evidence.   Like so many empires, the Ceorlath Nalam disappeared in a day as the hyperspace gates and the computer networks failed. Unlike the other collapses, the Qoten civilization and the Parut species as a whole disappeared with it.   No one knows where they went or what happened to them. Some say whatever evil caused the Dark Nova killed them off and that their spirits haunt the long night between the stars in the march.
Alternative Name(s)
Qoten Mark
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