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"We don't have those fancy sleds like the seafolks or the Kholodnese. We have these things that helps us through the desert."   "But grandpa, they're ugly..."   "Pretty looks ain't taking you through the desert, son."
  In the deserts of Al-Shamal, the camels are the best transport unit through the scorching desert. They are resilient and low maintenance, becoming the national animal of Qadena due to these reasons.

Qadani's Pride

To the Qadani, the camels are sacred animals that required to be protected from poaching and cruelty. However, they can consume the meat but only during special occasions like coronations and marriages. Otherwise, the animal is greatly respected.   Many Qadani domesticate camels for travelling purposes. The camels' hooves are best to travel through the terrains of Al-Shamal and they are the natural enemies of Hurish Al-Naar, protecting their masters from being poisoned as well.   The sultana has her own camel dressed in regalias and gold, showcasing itself as the royalty's pet. It's extremely pampered and only paraded when the sultana wishes to visit the people or during the period of pilgrimage where pilgrims of Al-Qamar comes to perform prayers in the city.

Camel Rent Scammers

These scammers uses the desperation of travelers to travel through the desert by charging high and run away with the money, or charging high and provide a camel in poor health. The occurrences are common and yet the law did not take action to these activities.   Many outsiders believed the Qadani dislikes them so much they don't mind if their people take advantage of them.
Current location

Camel for Rent!

  Heading out for travel? Then YOU need a camel!   Your friend, Ahmed, always have a camel ready for your long journey! Big, small, muscle, skinny. Any camel you want!   For 150 Riel, you can get a camel IMMEDIATELY!   No extra charges!   No sneaky charges! ;)   Come find your friend, Ahmed, in Ghasul!   All camels are guaranteed healthy!

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11 Jul, 2022 22:31

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Cryssalia Noire
12 Jul, 2022 08:49

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