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Frantumare Shards of the Old World

14th Slavelm, Year 162 Era 5 (14.9.162 TDM)

Created by Cryssalia Noire
Partner in Crime TheDarkenedRose

It would be fun to have our stories read by the world. That would take a while, sure, but I want them to be something worth sharing.  
- TheDarkenedRose
  Frantumare is a world where the elements of our Role Playing stories are incorporated. As we continue to write out our stories, rebooting again and again to get the story that is similar to the one we made when was a thing, I decided to record the lore into the world. In some way, we have our stories being shared and read by the world.

A Shattered World

After the Dark Calamity, the world is greatly divided. The erasure of humanity prompted the Lys to recreate the world by adding new residents, The Fera, onto the now named Frantumare to build anew. However, humans soon came into existence due to the All-Father’s interjection, and conflicts between them and Fera rose. The situation escalated further with the birth of Lutum Fera; a cross between Pure Fera and Humans. Lutums were discriminated by both sides and Pure Feras retreated into hiding while Humanity continues to lay waste on Frantumare.   Peace is soon achieved, but not without any resentment towards the Lutum’s ancestors for abandoning them and Humanity for their treatment. They come to a compromise that Humanity will gain their own settlement while Lutum may do whatever they pleased with the rest. However, the hostility remains as Humans return to demand resources from Lutum in Floreale and the bitterness expands to the current generation.  

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