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Kholodno Council Hall

While the Tsarina may own her own estate, most can find her in the council hall where she will listens to requests from her people or any proposals that could potential benefit Kholodno. However, only select few that can actually see her in this setting as the Tsarina often needed elsewhere. Otherwise, this is the center where every decisions and governance happens.

Purpose / Function

The Kholodno Council Hall is located in the middle of the nation where it is surrounded by residential district of the nation. While it undermines its purpose and importance, it gives the people a peace of mind that they can reach the administration, voice out their opinions and feel safe that the Tsarina actually pays attention to the people and not hide deep in the mountains.


The hall is made from controlling Gelum which serves as a major trap for those who infiltrated it. Any intruders will freeze immediately, either killing them slowly or temporarily freeze them on the spot before the authorities arrive. So far, none had escape the frozen prison.


The cold north rarely accepts outsiders but when they do, this is the first place they will be brought to as a general knowledge of their power.   Kholodno couldn't flaunt their wealth and advancement, fearing that spies would infiltrate and use it against them. Hence, the council hall serves as a distraction for outsiders. On extremely rare occasions, the Tsarina will be there to greet them personally and sell them the sob story of surviving in the north to attract charity.   The council hall displays the architecture ability of the Kholodnese as the building is carved out entirely of ice with snow as its foundation as heat insulation and keeping the structure grounded and steady. They display the arts of the decorations and the ability to control Gelum so no one will freeze when stepping into the hall.
Ministry / City hall
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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