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Vosstat's nature being extreme and radical has costed many of their soldiers, including limbs during wars, battles and skirmishes. As Vosstat values their soldiers, they came up with a solution that will heal their injuries and reducing sacrifices of their people by introducing prosthesis to them. The prosthesis is dependent on the needs of the person, whether only for mobility or to serve in wars.

Social Impact

It gave the soldiers purpose once more when the prosthesis are distributed. However, there are those opposed to the use as Vosstat are trying to act like gods. The prosthesis caused a ridge between the people of Vosstat, mostly between the religious and the science. The situation, however, is a minority.
Access & Availability
Prosthesis is widely known within Vosstat but not necessarily accessible to all due to the costs. Only those that serves in the military will have the union to sponsor a prosthesis.   They aren't available in any markets other than the government owned hospitals or medical centers. Though their electronic parts began sold to civilians in the black market.
Depending on the use, it can be as simple as limbs to help with mobility while others may request custom made for theirs such as adding safety features or weapon. The design may be simple outside but the complexity of the technology inside confuses those outside or unfamiliar with them. Fixing one is a learning curve for anyone due to the scarcity of materials.
Soldiers are greatly valued in Vosstat.   Each wars and battles, the injured and crippled soldiers are forced to retire and given monthly compensation. Some didn't mind, but most expressed desire to join the battle once more. Thus, scientists scrambled to find some sort of solution for the problem.   They soon came up by returning their initial ability once more with prosthesis.
Related Species

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