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Coronation is the act of handing over the crown to the heir next in line to be the king or queen. Typically done by the pope from the church, this tradition has been passed down for generations of prince and princess in Strigea. The coronation may extend from putting the crown on the heir to saying their vows. Some of the people had taken the liberty to present gifts to the future monarch's feet as a way of worship. This is due to their belief that the king or queen is an incarnation of a god.


The royal families didn't care about the coronation at first. If the current monarchs passed away, the next in line immediately takes over. But when claims of commoners being royal blood, the people began to doubt. They questioned the royal families and even caused riots of the legitimacy of the princes and princess to the point of murder.   The surviving royalties were helped by the church. To prove to the people that they are legitimate, they employed the help of the church to baptize themselves and their children: if the water doesn't burn them, then they are the true royalty. And it proves just that.   However, that only lasts only for a short while as people realize the holy water doesn't burn them either. They questioned the royal families once more but before another riot happens, the pope intervened. The pope himself blessed the family, submerging their crown and regalia in holy water before handing them to the heirs. Somehow, this convinced the people but to truly gain the trust of the people, the pope made the heirs say their vows.


A pope, a prince or princess, and the rest of the royal families are the main participants. The nobles are second and lastly the commoners. The pope stays to give their blessing to the heirs and placed the crown on their heads.
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