Super Fast Racing Machines

-I think it needs wings!
-And more red!
-And a rainbow!
— Tomás, Seye, and Ola

One of the favourite past times for the kids in the town is to build little vehicles with whatever scrap the materials, usually wood, and sometimes metals or rubbers that can't be reused for other purposes-

These vehicles are group projects between friends. As all kinds of materials are scarce in Nyckaneh the kids need to use all their skills to create the perfect Super fast racing machine.

-It's nice how the boys are helping Ola.
-You mean how your daughter is bossing them around.
-She took it after you, my dear.
— Erik and Royd Andersen.

However there are a few rules that every vehicle must fulfil before the parents of their kids allow them to use it. It needs at least four wheels and a sturdy seat. The front and side must have some handles to hold on to, and some kind of seat belt is also necessary.

Once the kids have all of that covered, they began the process of decorating their racing machine. Here the sky is the limit and half of the fun of building their vehicle with their friends.

A trick well known among the adults is to motivate their kids to put a lot of decorations in the vehicles so they can delay the actual use of the things. Also, it's a good way to make the children enthusiastic about collaborating with their peers, making decisions and planning.

— Moments after the Super fast racing machine engaged motors (a.k.a Ola)

Once the Super Fast Racing Machine is finished it comes the long-awaited moment for the kids to wreak havoc around the town. One Superspeed kid or Flying kid is in charge of making it move. There are always competitions about who is faster that never get resolved.

On occasions, when the kids are bored and want to make the races more interesting they add obstacles. For example, the psychokinetic kids throw things at the vehicles while the kid in the vehicle makes force fields to deflect the projectiles. Of course, this is done with the supervision of the caretakers. More often than not these types of games are short because too much excitement can get someone hurt.

by Julian Ralid