Sloop of War

"Sir, a Sloop of War is a classification of ship in the Tov-Ran Navy. It has two main mast, two brow sails, and one aft sail. Its single gun deck can carry 18 guns Sir."   ~ Unknown Tov-Ran Naval Recruit


A sloop of war gains most of its propulsion from winds. If wind isn't sufficient enough to move the vessel there are oars that the crew can utilize to assist the movement of the ship.

Weapons & Armament

A standard sloop of war utilized for combat will be equipped with nine guns on either side of the gun deck, a reinforced naval ram on the bow of the ship, and two swivel guns on the aft section of the deck. Ballista can be added to the ship but most are not equipped with one due to the interference of the sails limiting the coverage of the weapon to aerial attacks.

Armor and defense

The hull of a sloop of war is treated with a fire resistance tar and pitch that provides protection from the elements and a water tight seal to prevent leaks. The sails are robust canvas that resist most forms of ware and tare, but also tough enough to withstand minor scrapes and punctures from debris or shrapnel.

Communication Tools & Systems

Communication between decks uses hollow brass tubes to send messages between select stations. The captains quarters, gun deck, lower deck, and quarter deck all have tubes to the other stations. Most orders between each station is provided by the captain or the first mate if the captain is ashore or otherwise preoccupied.

Hangars & docked vessels

The sloop of war normally has three row boats on either side of the ship. These boats are used as escape vessels or as transportation from ship to shore if the ship is docked in open waters.
25,000 GP
100 feet
32 feet
4 miles per hour
Complement / Crew
40 Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
60 Passangers 200 ton cargo capacity


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