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Realm Gate

The Age of Renewal

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The Realm Gate is a world after the slaughter of Titans and their killer, The Betrayer Titan, departure from the world leaving the gods and mortals to toil with the consequences. The God's then used the mortals to bolster their power in fear of the Betrayer Titan returning and destroying the last remnants of the Titans' creations.   War broke out between the Gods sundering the worlds even further causing the Gods to be banished to the Outer Planes by a conclave of mortals to save mortal-kin from extinction.   There are 3 continents in the world of ________ Safel, the most northern continent. Utagosh, a tropical continent inhabited and ruled by Giant-kin. Lastly, _______ a recently discovered continent by the people of Safel, which is whispered to be a land of wonders and possible unclaimed treasures or the possible site of the Divine War.   The continent of Safel is currently recovering from the forces lead by a man known as the Raven King. The Raven King was the usurper of the king of Arcet Fredrick George III and took the country under his control after a 10 year civil war.   The Continent of Utagosh just underwent a change of leadership as the elder of the Storm Giants, Bolt Lord Fjor, fell in combat to his daughter, Chlidhor Fury of the Tempest. Chlidhor now sits upon the throne atop the floating city of Nimbus, Center of Utagosh.


In The Land of Giants

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The land of Utagosh is a primal place where the strong survive. Giants rule the lands and their citizens are either slaves or tools to be used.

Hinterland Chronicles

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Campaign 2 in the Relmgate Setting

Seige of Arcet

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The Raven King has fallen, Arcet is restored, and war looms