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by Nika Simone

Early into it's second season of service, The HTML Wanderpus Submarine had a bit of an oopsiedoopsie when its exploding engines sunk the science vessel to the bottom of the bay in pieces. After two long months of fortuitous excursions and rescue missions, our intrepid Wandercrew was able to locate and retrieve
several key original and replacement components for the
HTML Wanderpus's New and Improved Sub Build.

by Nika Simone

Building Steam

July 17, 2022
Quiet Year
Blueberries π (Trashpanda), Officer Royce Vanderbilt (Kole),
Officer Lio (Lio)


    Special Thanks to:

    Isaac Wicklaw (Warlord), Tsoki Chatterfang (Not4givn), Vatna Stein+ (Lurid), Corzipa Gavon (Talon), Lio L. Levon (Lio), Nichol Trafford (ProfWinter), & Patagon (Septarius)

    Discord RP & Streamloots
    All month in Discord's RP channels, players together & independently devised and rolled out search & rescue plans. For their efforts, and rolls, several were awarded Streamloot cards - after enough cards were collected, "A Wander Piece" card could be crafted and used to canonically & successfully salvage a once lost HTML Wanderpus Submarine component.

    Note: Streamloots is currently the most narratively-interactive and financially unique way of supporting the HTML Wanderpus creators & Artists. Thank you so much for y'alls' enthusiastic support!

    Fun Fact: The Wanderpus Collections won The 2022 Looties Visionary Award, and Wanderpus/Nika herself is a 2022 Streamloots Ambassador!

    Game Rules
    Using Alan's hacked version of The Quiet Year, our Officers have sixteen weeks (turns) to complete projects despite the Gremlin (probably related to the red crystal's demon heart that initially awoke thein the Engine's machinations.   Only have 16 turns to fix what you can. The Engineering Officers Heart of the engine, a demon crystal.   Every turn, a card is dealt, the person does whatever the card says, then they start a project, 2-4wks each card drawn is a week, do a new one, or do the main mission pieces Gremlin in the Engine - will also draw a card and start projects

    Round # Format

    Round #

    Officer Royce

  • Pulled Card
  • Card Response
  • Personal Project
  • Officer Lio

  • Pulled Card
  • Card Response
  • Personal Project
  • Officer Blueberries π

  • Pulled Card
  • Card Response
  • Personal Project
  • Gremlin in the Engine

  • Pulled Card
  • Card Response
  • Personal Project
  • Round Results:


    Let the Building Begin!

    Salvaged Components

  • Jukebox
  • Bread Kilns
  • Library - Otter Transcription
  • Switchboards - Found at Parliament First Trust (S2G6)
  • Med Bay - Most Equipment salvaged
  • Health Recovering Beds - Thanks Tlalli!
  • Captain's Quarters
  • Abundances

  • Money
  • Materials (from S2G8)
  • Start with No Scarcities!
  • Oh, and a mountain of Silver! (from S2G4)


    Round #1

    Officer Royce

  • An Unexpected Visitor
  • Purchase Strong Metal
  • Personal Project: Structurally reinforce the Engine [3 Weeks]

  • Officer Lio

  • Secret Stash
  • Add an Abundance: More hidden money found!
  • Personal Project: MedBay [1 Week]

  • Officer Blueberries π

  • Peanut Galley: Chat comes up with a project!
  • Wandercrew Decide: Retractable wings for the sub, like a kite-fish [3 Weeks]
  • Personal Project: Propeller with a inner distraction spinners installed [2 Weeks]

  • Gremlin in the Engine

  • Quick Start
  • Personal Project: Jinxed, Jinx the Engine. For all future sub-related game-play, if a player rolls a 1, something on the sub breaks! [5 Weeks]

  • Round Results:


    Round #2


    Officer Royce

  • Committee: A Bad Idea becomes a project
  • Store all the boom in one place! The Sub's Armory will be one level below the Engine. [2 Weeks]
  • Personal Project: Switchboard! Tesla Coils for long range communications with the electric arcs being pew pews [3 Weeks]
  • Officer Lio

  • Reevaluate: A project is not working out
  • Change the Gremlin's project from jinxing the engine to installing two grabby hands for future giant crab battles!
  • Personal Project: Install the jukebox into the ship.
  • Officer Blueberries π

  • Passion: A Selfish project
  • Selfish: Install loud zippy turbos, like super cool mufflers, yeeeeeaa
  • Personal Project: Designing torpedo tubes for shooting people out for evacuation & maybe sometimes actual torpedoes ...shooting you and your all-terrain motorcycle out of the torpedo tubes...yeeeeeeaaa...[4 Weeks]
  • Gremlin in the Engine

  • Fast Forward
  • Personal Project: Make the food taste bad, so the crew has a slower recovery rate when eating on the sub
  • in the crew, because their food is just ewww [3 Weeks]  

    Round Results:


    Round #3


    Officer Royce

  • Protests: A group protests the torpedo project.
  • Torpedo tube production ceased.
  • Personal Project: Beat the gremlin back. (The Gremlin was attempting to create an incompetent pipe system by channeling toilet air into the kitchen to turn all the food into farts. Aww, now there's no fart sandwiches.)
  • Officer Lio

  • Caught a Spy: No Advance this turns (Just the gremlin on the grabby hands is paused, because every other project is completed.)
  • Where were they spying from? The engine is a fascination for people, especially the Ducks (the spy group)
  • Personal Project: Bread Oven
  • Officer Blueberries π

  • A Happy Accident: A project becomes so much more or finish early
  • Edit the grabby hands! No longer are they just gripper claws, but actual hands hands, racoon hands!
  • What if we double down on the tentacles and we can now spider skitter over land, then the ship wouldn't have to dock anywhere! It could just skitter up as a squad! Totally not terrifying!
  • The lavender-skinned, 4-armed, ex-navigation Officer, Tattoo shows up, "ummm, you gave it racoon hand(s).." "Yea! Its fine!" says the always confident, rarely seen Senior Science Officer Blueberries π.
  • Personal Project: A painted pin-up of the Captain in full tentacle, referred to as Louise (the pin-up not the Captain,) is hauntingly rendered on the side of the sub for moral.
  • Gremlin in the Engine

  • Fire in the Kitchen!
  • Kill the bread kiln project! A poor attempt to make donuts caused a devastating grease fire kiln explosion.
  • "It was an accident anyone could make!" screams Blueberries π
  • Personal Project: Gas Guzzler! Make the engines cost more to run per mission, large portions of mission payouts go to sub upkeep instead of the crew.
  • Round Results:


    Round #4


    Officer Royce

  • Oops! Something breaks!
  • Gremlin project fails!
  • Personal Project: Restart the escape pods project, using the torpedo holes already designed

  • Officer Lio

  • Crunch Time - Project fails
  • We lose the abundance of the materials by finishing the Escape Pods!
  • Personal Project: Finish the Beds!

  • Officer Blueberries π

  • Callout: An Ingenious Idea to a problem
  • Instead of melting silver, our Officers rectify our energy issues with huge innovation resulting in a better, cleaner energy source - Ionized Silver!
  • The Eco-boost destroys the Gremlin's Gas Guzzler problem!
  • Of course, some hybrid engine components remain on the ship for future mecha-kaiju battle punches, naturally.

  • Gremlin in the Engine

  • Clash Heads
  • No projects are left to destroy! HA!!

  • Round Results:


    by Nika Simone


    The Crew Assists!

    Thanks to the power of Streamloots the crew was able to take action and install their own upgrades to the ship!

    Officer Akhana: good idea - damn: Should we think of a cloaking idea, visual and auditory?
    Captain Nika: Like a reverse sonar that neutralizes others attempts to locate us
    Officer Akhana: Wonder if I could use a Re-acquisition Card to get that reverse sonar tech installed?

  • liolevon has played UPGRADES! with 'Akhana's cloaking idea is very neat! We'll add those'
  • Now the ship can go stealthy, and distract, it can fly, it can skitter.... 0.o
  • luridchronomancer has played Hide and Seek with 'Find all the things'
  • Navigation's Sonars can see through illusions now (because it can seek better)
  • kuarithunderclaw has played ABILITY SCROLL - Wizard with "Kole gets the Eyebat gremlin as a familiar, influenced by his success?!"
  • The Gremlin, once of the engine, looks like it was made of the Engine's steam, though they can't fight they can do psychic damage. Yay new lil Gremlin Engineering friend!
  • liolevon has played Loose Lips with 'What secret does the duck hold?'
  • The Duck Spy spills their secret to Lio! "If it wasn't for those bears, we would have run Bobert out of this town and taken over the city by now." Note: The ducks blame the terrible bears, especially because they're now only 3 ducks, not 5.
  • stellarvanex has played Hurray! with 'Please don't break the kiln again, it's not for oil frying'
  • The sub has brick ovens installed with a lil immovable donut frying station. A little instruction plaque above it.
  • Engine Defense! The ship is now structurally segmented to prevent catastrophic future failure; however, since the armory is right under the engine, the crew installs a mega shield between the two components. (5 Shield Cards = +10 DMG Sub Protection) The Sub will now block 2dmg as a permanent shield, and now the armory could explode but wont hit the engine.
  • luridchronomancer has played Shield
  • liolevon has played Shield with '*Contributes to Engine Defense Fund*'
  • stellarvanex has played Shield
  • koleijon has played Shield
  • not4givn has played Shield
  • septarius has played Shield with 'Shield for Engine'
  • Wanderpus has played UPGRADES! with 'I want torpedooooots'
  • The once ceased, due to protests, escape pod/torpedo project then turned only escape pod project has been secretly upgraded back to escape pod/torpedo shoots by the Captain themself! Fast forward to shooting/squelching out Akhana riding their motorcycle(s)! Fast-Fast forward to greased up skips across the water being shot out the torpedo tube as a hazing ritual.
  • causticlullaby has played It's Free Real Estate! with 'Library ON LAND GFDI NO BLOWING IT UP'

    New Sub Features!

  • Acquired some Shipwright Tools
  • Cloak & Stealth Modes
  • Fancy med lab with Pathogen lab!
  • Distracting Spinners on the Propellers!
  • All-terrain with Wings & Skittering tentacle legs!
  • Duck spy leaked pertinent bear info!
  • Switchboards upgraded! Yay Tesla coils!
  • Ship has LOUD turbos and otherwise sounds like a metal hummingbird.
  • Jukeboxes mean traveling more with the sub & airship is now possible!
  • The beds are back! Finally everyone can relax after a long, stressful, overworked month and refill their HP & AP.
  • Eco-boost Silver fuel efficiency! Crew receives more
  • Increased rift meteorological understanding
  • Escape Pods a.k.a. torpedoes
  • Captain's Quarters was installed to perfection
  • We finally got the ship back together, and a bunch of missions, the crew is gaining a good reputation, thwarted the lil gremlin, we doing good!!

  • HTML Wanderpus is All-Terrain!

    The sub is now a land, water, sea, and rifts-traveling submarine, and the only real limit is how absurd we can be! You can't be small silly, this game is as weird as you make it! Liminal has fairly normal physics but with magic, and some rifts are gonna get weird. Heck! In our missions to retrieve ship components we've already gone full Western and 8-bit!!

    Clemente literally drinks acid and enjoys all kinds and likes to make them more potent and effective for boom, but that's just him personally on his own. He tries to be helpful otherwise and pitch in any way he can!
    Play off each other and GET WEIRD!

  • All Images on this page are created or owned by Wanderpus, Nika Simone.

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    Cover image: by Nika Simone


    Please Login in order to comment!
    Aug 11, 2022 22:21

    I somehow read all of this out of nowhere and loved it. The title, description and the whole summary of the rounds are brilliant. The drawing of the ship brought me many memories of silly TTRPG drawings. When checking the vehicle prompt articles for my reading challenge, this is absolutely not what I was expecting, but I was not disappointed in the least (BEAUTIFUL theme and illustrations, btw)

    Aug 25, 2022 01:52

    In case you may want to read it, I featured the HTML Wanderpus on my reading challenge!

    The Reading Challenge: SummerCamp 2022
    Generic article | Aug 26, 2022

    9 articles, 9 authors, all brilliance!